The world is a better place because there are DOUGs in it.
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This is especially valuable if you are not so fortunate as to
have frequent proximity to one or more of the truly great.
Virtual contact is better than none!

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    DOUG Trivia

    Pro wrestler and movie actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's middle name is Douglas.

    Author Douglas Adams' initials are "DNA" (Douglas Noel Adams).

    The cartoon "Doug" originated as a book called "Doug Got a New Pair of Shoes".

    Author Ray Bradbury's middle name is Douglas, after the actor, Douglas Fairbanks.

    Alleged murderer Mark Hacking's middle name is Douglas.

    The "Back To The Future" character George McFly's middle name is Douglas.

    Pro hockey players and ex-Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier both have the middle name Douglas. Additionally, Messier's father and one of his sons are both named Doug. Also, Gretzky's son's birth name is Trevor Douglas Gretzky.

    Jay Leno's full birth name is James Douglas Muir Leno.

    Actor Michael Keaton's birth name is Michael John Douglas.

    Kids In The Hall troupe member Mark McKinney's birth name is Mark Douglas Brown McKinney.

    Actor Doug E. Doug's birth name is Douglas Bourne.

    Seminal punk rocker Dee Dee Ramone's birth name is Douglas Glenn Colvin.

    The Kinks' Ray Davies' birth name is Raymond Douglas Davies.

    Actor Irving Metzman's birth name is Douglas Kahn.

    Lindsay Lohan's brother, actor Michael Lohan's middle name is Douglas.

    Writer Michael Crichton's brother, also a writer, is Douglas Crichton.

    Rock group Deep Purple's keyboard player Jon Lord's birth name is Jon Douglas Lord.

    Country musician Brad Paisley's birth name is Brad Douglas Paisley.

    Searching Google for the word "Doug" returns about 56,400,000 pages.

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