The world is a better place because there are DOUGs in it.
Now you can meet some of us.

This is especially valuable if you are not so fortunate as to
have frequent proximity to one or more of the truly great.
Virtual contact is better than none!

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  • Doug Adams,
    The Page of DOUG - Original Keeper of the Page of DOUGS
  • Doug Smith,
    Doug Smith's Home Page [He suggested this page-- heck, he even has a link here!-- Thanks Doug!]
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    DOUG Trivia

    Pro wrestler and movie actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's middle name is Douglas.

    Author Douglas Adams' initials are "DNA" (Douglas Noel Adams).

    The cartoon "Doug" originated as a book called "Doug Got a New Pair of Shoes".

    Author Ray Bradbury's middle name is Douglas, after the actor, Douglas Fairbanks.

    Alleged murderer Mark Hacking's middle name is Douglas.

    The "Back To The Future" character George McFly's middle name is Douglas.

    Pro hockey players and ex-Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier both have the middle name Douglas. Additionally, Messier's father and one of his sons are both named Doug. Also, Gretzky's son's birth name is Trevor Douglas Gretzky.

    Jay Leno's full birth name is James Douglas Muir Leno.

    Actor Michael Keaton's birth name is Michael John Douglas.

    Kids In The Hall troupe member Mark McKinney's birth name is Mark Douglas Brown McKinney.

    Actor Doug E. Doug's birth name is Douglas Bourne.

    Seminal punk rocker Dee Dee Ramone's birth name is Douglas Glenn Colvin.

    The Kinks' Ray Davies' birth name is Raymond Douglas Davies.

    Actor Irving Metzman's birth name is Douglas Kahn.

    Lindsay Lohan's brother, actor Michael Lohan's middle name is Douglas.

    Writer Michael Crichton's brother, also a writer, is Douglas Crichton.

    Rock group Deep Purple's keyboard player Jon Lord's birth name is Jon Douglas Lord.

    Country musician Brad Paisley's birth name is Brad Douglas Paisley.

    Searching Google for the word "Doug" returns about 62,000,000 pages.

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  • May 2005: After much unwarranted procrastination on my part, several new DOUGs have been added to the page. Their patience is appreciated. Alternately, many DOUGs, who have apparently fallen down on their obligations to maintain the DOUG presence on the web, have had their broken links removed from the PAGE. (Oh, the shame!) Kudos to all DOUGs who, even though they may not have updated them in years, still keep their pages online. (Ooh-rah!)

    04.30.2005: The Page of DOUGs celebrates 10 years online!

    April 2005: The link to Doug Adams' original Page of DOUG, as archived by The WayBack machine at, is now available. Doug was (and, hopefully, still is) a fairly witty guy, and his amusing page is worth preserving.

    Feb 2002: I've been pondering this a few days now, and have decided to remove all email addresses, except the contact address (which is masked) from this page. Why? Simple: SPAM. I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it. And, I think in today's web climate, everyone would agree that any measure -- no matter how small -- to foil the spam-bots is more than just welcome, it's a webmaster's responsibility. I originally considered masking all the email addresses, but soon realized revising the page would be a herculean task every time a new DOUG was added, not to mention the file size would be more than quadrupled.

    The web is vastly different than it was six-plus years ago when Doug Adams created this page, and was still a relatively innocent place when I took it over from him four years ago. I don't know about you, but these days I'm more than a little tired of email ads for pills guaranteeing to "add 1 to 3 inches" to your Doug Johnson. And, as anyone who knows any of us DOUGs well enough knows (wink, wink), we have no need for any such product, anyway.

    Also, I figure that if anybody really wants to email one of us, they can just take the link to our pages. I mean, if that little hottie you used to knock boots with back in the day wants to get in touch with you again, what's one more click? [All DOUGS, as you probably know, used to knock boots with little hotties back in the day.]

    08.04.2001 - Cleaner look, easier to read, faster to load. Removed 23.5KB of dead links.

    02.01.1999 - The Page of DOUGS gets a new home:, and a nice new font. Removed dead links.

    10.20.1998 - Removed dead links.

    02.19.1998 - The Page gets a new background, somewhat evocative of the origin of the name Doug: "from the dark waters". Easier reading, too, I think.

    01.25.1998 - Sent email to all addresses of those with homepages on The Page of DOUGS, notifying them of the move and inviting them to join The Doug WebRing.

    01.24.1998 - The Page of DOUGS is moved to its new location - Today, I have visited (at least momentarily) every URL on the page. URLs that were successfully contacted, containing a page by or about a Doug have been retained. Any URL resulting in "file not found" or the like has been removed. Any servers which timed-out have been given the benefit of the doubt and will be rechecked later at a different time of day.

    If you feel your link was removed from the page in error, please me with your current URL and email address, and I will put your site back on the page ASAP.