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Doug Adams, The Page of DOUG: Original Keeper of the Page of DOUGS
Doug Anderson, Doug Andersons Tune Lagoon: "my own self-indulgent site about my musical musings".
Doug Applegate, Dougs Great Page: It contains some of my interests like wrestling and stuff.
Doug Arenberg, Doug Arenberg's Web Page: Personal webpage by Doug, an Assistant Professor in Pulmonary & Critical Care at the University of Michigan.
Doug Baumgarten, Doug's Slice of the Web: Just getting started on making this, my new homepage.
Doug Beeferman, Doug Beeferman's Web pages: Lover of squirrels and all things buoyant and malleable.
Doug Bishop, Doug Bishop: Living Room Cam (Webcam), Links, and Homepage. The title pretty much says it all.
Doug Boyer, Douglas Gene Boyer: Doug is a research hydrologist with the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Doug Boyles, Doug's BellSouth Page: Links to Politics, ADSL information, & Freeware.
Doug Brown, Doug Brown, Professional Skateboarder:
Doug Burton, Doug's Home Page:
Doug Buurma, Doug's Netspace: is temporarily on hiatus. Stay tuned. Some of my favorite links, a search page, a Warcraft II page, and a description of myself.
Doug Campbell, A singer/songwriter from Central New York.
Doug Carney, Doug's Page of Stuff: Cool gifs and some neet pages.
Doug Chatham, Doug Chatham's Home Page:
Doug Choe, Doug Choe's Basic Web Page: This website is pretty much a personal homepage about me and stuff I enjoy like movies, reading, and Star Wars.
Doug Croft, Fantastic Realms of Doug Croft:
Doug Dalton, Doug Dalton: A technology and other stuff blog by a Doug .
Doug Dawson, Doug's Place: Welcome to my unabashed exhibit to myself.Half the fun has been not having any game plan at all but I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did putting it together.
Doug DeCota, DougBlog:
Doug Dobbs, Doug Dobbs Home Page: My home page reflecting varied interests, from genealogy to Civil War reenactment. MANY pictures of the latter posted here.
Doug Doe, Internet Home of Doug Doe: Includes dreams translated into comics by Jesse Reklaw, author of Slowwave, and some Garageband music.
Doug Dossett, Doug Dossett, LLC: I'm the webmaster for Bastyr University and do freelance web design as Doug Dossett, LLC. (Doug's back on the Page after an extended hiatus. Anyone remember The Elmer Pages?)
Doug Dyment, Doug Dyment's Home Page: I travel a lot, thus this site contains lots of information on traveling lightly, plus the requisite personal information.
Doug Easton, Doug's Life: Everything you always wanted to know about Doug's Life, but were afraid to ask!
Doug Erickson, Doug Erickson: It's a pretty cool page with Netscape frames and a few Java applets I've been working on, as well as, of course, some info about me.
Doug Faxon, Doug Faxon's Bio: You will also want to check out the Evil Dr. Flaxon's (another DOUG) home page.
Doug Ferguson, DugDesign.Com: Doug designs stuff.
Doug Fine, Medicine and Poison - Doug Fine Unedited: Wild stories from Rwanda, Suriname, Alaska and Cyberspace by a young journalist. Plus mountain gorilla photos and his novel.
Doug Fowler, The Doug Chronicles: Stories, in words and pix, of my extended tour of the world.
Doug Hafen, Doug Hafen's Home Page: Language Hobbyist, Christian, Toastmaster, Improv Comedy Student.
Doug Harris, Doug's Web Site: a little of everything and...
Doug Harris, Cognitive Overflow: Another Doug Harris, by his own admission.
Doug Hartington, Director of Photography: I'm a Doug, well a Douglas Hartington actually. I'm a Director of photography for TV documentaries in London, following in the great tradition of Douglas Slocombe (2001) and other Dougs in the movie business.
Doug Haskin, The House of Haskin: It's nothing special, just a little about me and my family and friends.
Doug Hayes, Doug's Den: My life living with Muscular Dystrophy, hobbies, likes and sites. Dog Tails and Dark Shadows.
Doug Heavener, Doug's Den: Some cool links and a little bit of government coverup and some stuff about the great pyramid of giza--sort of The Discovery Channel meets Dennis Leary on an acid trip....
Doug Heimburger, Doug Heimburger's Home Page: Personal Information and links to my favorite sites.
Doug Held, Doug Held's Home Page: Doug's Life So Far
Doug Henderson, Doug's Pointless Playground: This page contains the useless ramblings of Doug, a link to his genealogy site, as well as links to some of his other misguided interests of hunting, sports, certification, and getting something for nothing.
Doug Henderson, Doug Henderson's Home Page: Psychology / Adoption / Fireworks -- What else do you need? (Doug waited patiently for a long time to be on this list--I had him confused with the other Doug Henderson. Oops! Sorry, Doug.)
Doug Herr, Photographs by Douglas Herr: A personal view of North America and its wildlife .
Doug Heuton, Doug's Place: Doug left us in December, 1998. Family, friends, and Dougs everywhere still miss him.
Doug Hughes, Doug's Homepage: It's a very bad web page with lots of my photos from when I was travelling (any Doug page is a good page). (Doug's own opinions)
Doug Hughes, Hughes News: Hughes Family website, home of Doug & Diane Hughes.
Doug Hurd, The Internet Nerve Center: Life in Mexico, Motorbike trips & Web work.
Doug Ingram, Doug Ingram's Homepage: What makes me tick? Music, family, the band Weezer, and more...
Doug Ingram, Doug & Erin's Webpage: Massachusetts Doug, cars, family stuff, cars, pictures of friends, cars, and cars.
Doug Jacobson, Doug Jacobson's Home Page: RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart and The InFORMer for converting mailto FORM data into useable format.
Doug Kaye, Doug Kaye's Weblogs: Doug's weblogs about web hosting, content delivery, and personal stuff. Doug's the author of Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services.
Doug Keller, I'm Doug and Rusty is my Dog.
Doug Klimesh, Doug Klimesh's Home Page: The most interesting thing about my homepage is my essay "A Theory on Meme Storage in DNA".
Doug Krause, Krause Haus:
Doug Kueffler, Doug's Missoula MT Blog: I write on a variety of subjects related to Missoula, Montana, family life, recreation activities.
Doug Lauder, Doug the Barbarian: Home page featuring the popular game SpyGuy. (Look at that picture-- scary, huh?)
Doug Lawson, Dougie Lawson's Home Page: I have a brief resume available there. I am a systems programmer working for IBM in the UK. I specialise in mainframe database products, IMS and DB2.
Doug Leonard, Doug's Wild Kingdom: A safari of music, movies, cocktails and swank.
Doug Love, Doug Love's Home Pages:
Doug MacGregor, Paranoia Palace: Doug MacGregor's views on life, the universe and just about anything really.
Doug Mandeville, Doug Info: I strive for it to be the grandest Doug webpage on the whole internet eventually...
Doug Matsuoka, DougWords: The Official H. Doug Matsuoka Vanity Web Site.
Doug Matthews, Doug Matthews:
Doug Mayo-Wells, The Pathetic Caverns: music and movie reviews, adventure-game-like interface, other weirdness, including the obligatory links page.
Doug McElroy, Douglas B. McElroy's Home Page: Mostly a professional home page from an astronomer working at Caltech.
Doug Morris, is the personal webpage of me, Douglas Morris, Chicago, IL.
Doug Nasalroad, Doug's Page!: Paintball, Pearl Jam, and Programming.
Doug Navarick, Doug Navarick's CyberSights: Travel to exotic places like Bali, Bangkok, Torajaland-Indonesia, and Venice through dramaticphotos, sound recordings, and live videos; includes background links.
Doug Nilsson, Welcome! to the homepage of Douglas Nilsson: A PhD in chemical meteorology at the Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University (MISU). [That's in Sweden, our first entry from a non-English speaking country (although those DOUGs over there in Great Britain do talk kind of funny)--Thanks, Doug!]
Doug Noble, DOUG AND SUSAN NOBLE: Doug Noble and Susan Noble, Pictures of Moab, UT, and Arizona and the family and a little about us.
Doug Noblehorse, The Noblehorse Den: A Celebration of Enigmatic Irreverance!
Doug Orleans, Doug's Home Page: It's just a home page. I have a neato "DOUG" logo, though.
Doug Page, Jr.,
Doug Paulson, Doug Paulson's Home Page: Things in which I am interested, personal background, family information, and links to the area where I live, in and around--- St. George, Utah.
Doug Paulson, Videos, Images, Drawings, Collaborations, & Projects.
Doug Pederson, This page is just about an average Doug in this world.
Doug Powell, Doug's Exploits in Triviality: A random collection of minutiae that I find interesting.
Doug Rinesmith, Doctor Doug's Domain: A place with stuff I have created, like short stories, artwork, jokes, and the like, and some Star Trek stuff.
Doug Rohde, The being you people quaintly refer to as... Dougl:
Doug Sapp, Doug Sapp: The Darkening: Doug "The Engineer" Sapp [Be sure to go thru Doug's wallet. He won't mind..]
Doug Sarbon, Doug's Home Page: The page features links to cool stuff (music, model rockets, and more).
Doug Schneider, Photos from Seton Hall Court: Home page for Doug Schneider showing some photos of the folks at home and listing some links Doug has webmastered.
Doug Sell, The Realm of Doug: I am a Doug in college and my page is about me, things I write, and things I like.
Doug Sheppard, Doug Sheppard: I am the founder of Doug's Movie Club.
Doug Shivers, Home Page for Doug Shivers: Topics include: Israel, Hebrew, Hebrew E-Mail, India, and Portland, Oregon.
Doug Sisco, Doug Sisco's Home Page: Colleen and I, Doug Sisco, live in Eastern Pennsylvania with our four sons Jeremiah, Caleb, Sam, and Benjamin; and daughter Jamie (8/28/98).
Doug Smith, Doug Smith's Home Page:
Doug Smith, The Rook-Smith Journal: The Web-Home of Doug and Rebecca Rook-Smith, Global Citizens and Budget Travel Afficianados.
Doug Spencer, Douglas' LiveJournal: Vague ramblings from Douglas Spencer, a British SF fan and poet. [The 'blog of Doug.]
Doug Stevenson, Doug Stevenson:
Doug Stewart, Alan's Place: [Although he goes by the name Alan, Doug here blames all that on his parents. Don't worry, Doug, we know your true nature.]
Doug Stewart, Douglas L. Stewart: Occasional blogs and computer/movie/book information.
Doug Sutton, Doug's Home On The Net: I am a Doug and thought this might interest someone.
Doug Taylor, Bo's Big Bad Home Ppage: Just a brief history of me with some interesting little items to sidetrack you along your way.
Doug Thompson, Doug Thompson's Site: doa456-my Diablo multiplayer character, my resume, my Detroit teams fan page, personal pics and some WWII archivals.
Doug Twitchell, Doug's Online Playground: Doug's escape from the world of software development. Contains personal thoughts, humor, and links to web design and computer programming work.
Doug Tygar, Tygar's home: works in computer security and electronic commerce.
Doug Walker, Home Page of Doug Walker:
Doug Warren, Doug Warren's Home Page: A page dedicated the fantasy and science fiction, with a large RPG component.
Doug Watson, A Doug from Glasgow, Scotland.
Doug Webb, Doug started a blog!
Doug White, Doug White's Personal Home Page: My page ain't that great (actually, it's lame), but it does have the ubiquitous pictures of myself and my dog.
Doug Wise, Doug's Home Page: Welcome to my pages of AD&D Planescape Adventures and artwork... join in on the fun, berk!
Doug Wray, M. Douglas Wray's Homepage: __a_g_e_n_t__o_f__k_a_r_m_a__ LIVES!
Doug Wray, Douglas Wray's Journal: Still trying to find Truth, Love and Beauty (and having fun along the way).
Doug Yeo, Bass trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the New England Brass Band and on the faculty at New England Conservatory of Music.
Douglas Campbell, Doug's Dugout: Alternately spelled Dougout.

More Web Pages By DOUGs top

Doug Arthur, Tales from the Dougside: Comics for people who hate superheroes.
Doug Behm, Doug's Raptors Page: Unofficial page of Toronto Raptors basketball. (By undoubtedly their biggest fan.)
Doug Bishop, Bishop's Drum Shop: Want to learn more about the art of drumming? NO? Hey, visit anyway, you'll like!!! (Bishop is really Doug's stage name. If you're from the IRS, his real name is Lundquist.)
Doug Blair, Doug Blair Art: Doug's Cosmic Art Gallery
Doug Boas, Native American Web Design: Also works as a indy wrestler, where he's known as "The Iceman" Doug Bishop.
Doug Brown, dougbrowncreative: online portfolio for contract copywriting.
Doug Cabot, Doug Cabot Productions: videography, editing, and production services for film and television.
Doug Calhoun, LMP: musician, vocalist, list-maker extrordinare, teacher-to-be...
Doug Campbell, Doug Campbell's Portfolio: Doug's Industrial Design page.
Doug DaSilva, Guitar by Doug: Doug has been successfully educating children and adults in New York and New Jersey for over 10 years.
Doug Ehrmantraut, Uncle Doug Rocks: My portal for selling cool t-shirts and other merchandise, web design services, proofreading and editing services, and generally exposing my Dougness to the world.
Doug Ferguson, Elk Rapids Schools Technology Services: Doug is the technology director for this school district.
Doug Finch, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine:
Doug Foster, Foster Solutions, Inc.: Doug specializes in target marketing and web development.
Doug Franklin, Educational Pschology Homepage: A site full of resources dealing with topics in educational psychology and education in general.
Doug Gilbert, Taiwan Teacher - The EFL site that exceeds your ne: An interactive EFL site that features games for the classroom, word origins, grammar quizzes, an EFL Forum, and a great set of categorised links. (English as a Foreign Language, but you knew that, right?)
Doug Gilman, Vermont Internet Services: We Design, Host, Maintain, and Promote...Organizational and Personal Websites.
Doug Green, Doug Green Consulting: Doug Green Consulting provides software programming and development services adding artistry and invention to any software development project.
Doug Green, Doug Green, Realtor: Ohio-based real estate agency owned by a Doug.
Doug Green, North Hills Church: in Brea, CA; welcoming Dougs; serving doughnuts.
Doug Green, BioMedics, Inc.: Doug has been servicing biomedical equipment for over 25 years.
Doug Hoppe, XenoMusic: Doug is Managing Director.
Doug Hughes, Doug Hughes Corporate Communications: Doug's extensive portfolio online.
Doug Hughes, Doug Hughes - Auburn University Network Services: Contains useful system and network administration and security tools.
Doug Ingram, Wood Be Creative: a blog that shows off what goes on in my shop.
Doug Johnston, Doug is the Pastor at First Baptist Church of Redmond, Washington.
Doug Kaniuk, Shortline and Industrial Railroads of the Chicago: Chicago railfan and historian maintains a website about shortline railroading.
Doug Kirk, I am the owner of - Southern California's premier deejay entertainment.
Doug Knight, Doug Knight Photo: Nature and Outdoor photographer.
Doug Law, Doug sells promotional products to businesses.
Doug Lawson, A Patrimony of Fishes: : A Collection of short stories by Doug Lawson, Editor of The Blue Moon Review.
Doug Love, 2000 NFL Mock Draft: Doug maintains an NFL Mock Draft WebPage.
Doug Love, Doug Love: television producer/creator/writer
Doug Mahar, Funhouse Owners List: a page about his favorite pinball game
Doug Martin, Design + Direction Incorporated: Design Direction for publishing, advertising, and entertainment industries.
Doug Meisch, DougMart: Where Doug's shop.
Doug Mercurio, Law Office of Douglas M. Mercurio, P.C.: serves clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts.
Doug Noble, Noble Automotive: Need a tow in Union, IL? Call Doug.
Doug Peebles, Douglas Peebles Photography: file of 150,000 stock photographs dealing with Hawaii and the Pacific.
Doug Pell, Teddy Bear Tunes: a great children's CD.
Doug Pongrance, Douglas C. Pongrance: A Doug who is a realtor in Las Vegas, NV.
Doug Ponier, Ponier Music: A Doug who owns a music store in Marietta, Ga.
Doug Rice, Doug's Vietnam: Take a break, travel to Doug's Vietnam.
Doug Roberts, a technology website and content publishing company with over 10,000 subscribers worldwide.
Doug Rohde, YOU CAN DO AT JASON'SWORLD: The World's Only Virtual 100% Handicap-Accessible Amusement Park.
Doug Ross, Doug Ross @ Journal: Software Development, Information Security and Internet Technologist.
Doug Rowell, Doug Rowell: Sculptor: I have been carving wood for over 40 years. My humble claim is: "I can carve anything ...out of anything". (But can he carve a turkey?)
Doug Schneider, Doug Schneider, NYC based professional photographe:
Doug Smith, Ancient Greek & Roman Coins: a different one from any of the above ones.
Doug Sobon, The Mentionables: Doug is a member of this New Jersey pop quartet.
Doug Stewart, Doug Stewart: A Collection of Work(s) - A collecti:
Doug Sutton, Doug Sutton: Find out how you can make over $400.00 per hour playing Roulette at his page.
Doug Systrom, Doug's Lacrosse Page:
Doug Tricarico, MovieDogs: Doug has a page about movie dogs. (Arf?)
Doug Walker, Website Design by Doug Walker:
Doug Willoughby, Hi-Tech Bulletin: Doug publishes a business computing newsletter.
Doug Wood, Douglas Wood Creative Services: Expert screenplay consulting by a former Hollywood film executive.
Douglas Bottorff, J. Douglas Bottorff: Unity Minister, Recording Artist, Author of "The Whisper of Pialigos".
Douglas Pratt, DVDLaser: The largest database of DVD reviews on the web. Doug is also the author of Doug Pratt's DVD-Video Guide. (All us Dougs who own DVDs and Laser Discs need this book.)
Douglas Showalter, Forgiveness Forum: A web site of Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter dedicated to helping people with Christian forgiving.
Douglas Van Howd, Douglas Van Howd: Nevada born sculptor and painter, has become well-known worldwide for his wildlife and western art creations, including sculptures, statues, monuments, figurines, bronzes and castings.

Web Pages About DOUGs top

Doug Coutts, The Doug Coutts Story: How one man from New Zealand, attempting to buy a Ross Ryan CD, discovered the virtues of patience and the ecstasy of shopping over the Internet.
Doug Henning, Doug Henning and the Giggling Guru: The sad story of how one of our own was subverted from HIS true calling and converted to that insidious cult of TM --written by Martin Gardner. Doug Henning died February 7, 2000 of liver cancer.
Doug Morris, Official website for my weekly radio show in Hattiesburg/Laurel, MS.
Doug Ottney, Doug Ottney: Professional Drinker: The pilot episode of a web based series in Quicktime.
Doug Quick, Doug Quick Online: Doug is a longtime Central Illinois radio and television broadcaster. He has spent time in the Taylorville, Springfield, Decatur, Danville and Champaign-Urbana markets over the last 30 years. And, to date, the only Doug in the "Q" section.
Doug Rowell, Douglas Rowell: is an animator and creative director who has worked for a broad number clients including Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel and the Disney Channel.
Doug the Slug,
Douglas Adams, Author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
The Doug Banks Show, The Doug Banks Show's official website.

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Big Dougs, The Douglas Aircraft DC-3:
Doug's Headers,
Hot Dougs, The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium.

People With The Surname Douglas top

Aaron Douglas, (1900-1979): American artist, major figure in the Harlem Renaissance
Alec Douglas-Home, (1903-1995): British baron, politician, prime minister (1963-1964)
Andy Douglas, (1979-): American professional wrestler
Aretas Akers-Douglas, (1851-1926): 1st Viscount Chilston, British statesman and politician
Ashanti, (1980-): (singer) (Ashanti Shaquoya Douglas) American R&B singer
C. H. Douglas, (1879-1952): Scottish engineer and pioneer of the social credit concept
Campbell Mellis Douglas, (1841-[?]): Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross
Charles R Douglas, (1989-): Scottish, Amateur Tennis Player
David Douglas, (1799-1834): Scottish botanist, eponym of the Douglas fir tree
Denzil Douglas, (1953-): Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis
Donald Wills Douglas, Sr., (1892-1981): American aircraft industrialist, founder of the Douglas Aircraft Company
Donna Douglas, (1932-2015): American actress: The Beverly Hillbillies
Frederick Douglass, (1818-1895): American abolitionist, editor, orator, author, statesman, and reformer.
Gavin Douglas, (1474-1522): Scottish poet and bishop
Gordon Douglas, (1907-1993): American actor and director
Gustaf Douglas, (1938-): Swedish businessman, vice chairman and largest single shareholder in security firm Securitas AB
Hal Douglas, (contemporary): voice actor
Helen Gahagan (Douglas), (1900-1980): a.k.a. The Pink Lady. American actress and politician, representative from California, coined the nickname Tricky Dick for Richard Nixon; grandmother of Illeana Douglas
Hugh Douglas, (1971-): American NFL football player
Illeana Douglas, (1965-): American actress
James "Buster" Douglas, (1960-): American heavyweight boxer, knocked out Mike Tyson in 1990
James Douglas, (1286-1330): a.k.a The Good, The Black Douglas Scottish soldier and knight in the Scottish Wars of Independence
James Douglas, (1675-1742): Scottish physician and anatomist, and physician to the Queen.
James Douglas, (1803-1877): Scottish-Canadian governor of the colony of Vancouver Island 1851-1864
Jerry Douglas, (1955-): American country music and bluegrass musician
Jesse Douglas, (1897-1965): American mathematician and professor of mathematics
Jim Douglas, (1952-): American politician, governor of Vermont as of 2005
John Douglas, (1721-1807): Scottish man of letters and Anglican bishop
Katie Douglas, (1979-): American Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) player
Keith Douglas, (1920-1944): English poet of World War II
Kirk Douglas, (1916-): American actor, father of Michael Douglas
Kyan Douglas, (1970-): American cosmetologist
Lord Alfred Douglas, (1870-1945): nicknamed "Bosie", British poet, third son of John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry; partner of Oscar Wilde
Marjory Stoneman Douglas, (1890-1998): American conservationist and writer: The Everglades: River of Grass (1947)
Mark Douglas-Home, (contemporary): Scottish editor-in-chief of The Herald in Glasgow, Scotland, nephew of Alec Douglas-Home
Mary Douglas, (1921- ): British anthropologist
Melvyn Douglas, (1901-1981): American actor: The Americanization of Emily, Hud
Michael Douglas, (1944-): American actor and producer, son of Kirk Douglas
Michael Douglas, (1951-): real name of American actor Michael Keaton
Michael Douglas, (contemporary): shared pseudonym of American author Michael Crichton and his brother Douglas
Michael R. Douglas, (contemporary): American physicist at Rutgers University
Mike Douglas, (1925-): American entertainer and former TV talk-show host
Norman Douglas, (1868-1952): British writer: South Wind (1917)
Paul Douglas, (1907-1959): American actor
Paul Douglas, (1892-1976): American economist and United States Senator from Illinois 1949-1967
Roger Douglas, (1973-): former New Zealand politician, founder of the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers (ACT)
Rosie Douglas, (1941-2000): Dominican politician, Prime Minister of Dominica 2000
Sarah Douglas, (1952-): English actress
Shane Douglas, (1964-): a.k.a. The Franchise; American professional wrestler
Shirley Douglas, (1934-): Canadian actress, former wife of Donald Sutherland and mother of Kiefer Sutherland
Stephen A. Douglas, (1813-1861): American politician, candidate for president in 1860, lost to Abraham Lincoln
Tommy Douglas, (1904-1986): Canadian politician, Premier of Saskatchewan 1944-1961, father of Shirley Douglas
William Lewis Douglas, (1845-1924): American politician, Governor of Massachusetts 1905-1906
William O. Douglas, (1898-1980): American Associate Justice of the Supreme Court