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The Ring of DOUGs

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Are you a Doug?
This is the important part. You have to ask yourself, "Is my name Doug?"
Then you have to be able to answer yourself, "Why, yes, it is!"

OK, you're in.

Being a part of a web ring requires that you have a web page, and that a bit of HTML code be added to that page to provide an interface for ring visitors to navigate from site to site.

You will need to decide before you submit your site to the Ring if the HTML code is something you are willing to place, and keep, on your web page.

Go here to register and submit your site.

With the HTML code, or Navigation Code, available at the ring site, you can make the necessary additions to your homepage. Then, all you need to do is ask the to add you to the ring.

It is necessary that the ring code appears on the page referenced by the URL in your submission before your site can be moved from the ring "queue" onto the actual ring.

The Ring of DOUGs Official Logo graphics:

75x68, transparent background.   75x68, black background.